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What is a virtual office?

This concept originated in the USA and currently is already widespread worldwide. The virtual office serves as a "Business Center" where businesses and professionals can have the entire structure of a common Office, but without the same concerns a conventional Office.


It is a structure specially designed with privileged business address, physical environment and flexible aggregated administrative support services with quality, in addition to offering a solution that ensures lower costs than a conventional Office. The virtual office offers a smart option for businesses, executives and professionals who need to have a reduced cost, with all infrastructures and a range of services available, paying only for use.


Organizations and professionals require solutions increasingly complete in their areas of expertise, with costs compatible to their realities and resources available for immediate start, plus a mix of functional and flexible add-on services. It is estimated that currently are formed by the world, more than 4,000 establishments with the average 120,000 offices/rooms interacting with companies of various sectors and sizes, attracted mainly by reducing costs, flexibility, rationalization of administrative services and support that the new model features.

Who it's dedicated for?

It is a great opportunity to small and large companies, professionals who work in liberal occupations and entrepreneurs that need a privileged address furnished and equipped offices, phone personalized mailings management, administrative support, optimizing costs and investing all the time for your own business, including:

* Entrepreneurs who needs to reduce initial costs of an office;

* New projects
of large companies;

* Professionals whose activities do not require a constant presence in the office and that do not require a full time space;

* Executives in business travels;

* Micro and small enterprises;

* Associations;

* Companies that need a subsidiary;

* Someone who needs temporary services;

* Congresses and all types of events that need a phone number/fax always available;

* Answer to the absence of backup team (secretary), vacations, licenses, sicknesses, and others.


Savings: Minimal starting investment. With this solution, the costs of infrastructure can be minimized by up to 70%, offering an attractive environment, eliminating investment securities, maintenance, staff costs and charges, as well as services without social charges or labor risks;

Agility: within 24 hours you can enjoy all our structure with hiring one of our plans;

Professionalism: Association of the image of your company or activity to a fixed office with professionalism and credibility to your business;

Privileged address: For commercial or tax on the best location for business of Manaus, enabling disclosure of a unique phone number, being treated in personalized way and also as a business address which can be used in any institutional material of your company;

Flexibility: Enjoy a flexible, cost-effective alternative than conventional lease contracts Office, leveraging the Office solutions that are adapted to any budget;

Productivity: Focus on your business evolves from burdensome and heart-rending administrative processes, which consumes 35% of his time;

Quality: The high standard on the care of your clients have reflexes in greater loyalty to your business. We offer a structure with modern, functional environments, fully available for trainings, meetings, videoconference, with a qualified administrative support, privacy, comfort and safety. Never miss a call from your customer;

Convenience: The use of Executive rooms, meeting, training and Auditorium occurs according to your needs;

Networking: we seek to facilitate business synergy between our customers and partners through meetings, lectures, events;

Advanced technology: We offer broadband internet connection, wireless network, video conference, remote access to voice mail, digital color printers, copiers, fax.


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Inovate your working style!

    • No long term commitment;
    • Increase or reduce your office, according on your needs without renovation costs;
    • Global solutions for your office.
    • Open your complete office in 24 hours;
    • No red tape or complications.

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